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With PREtty FABulous Rooms, people all over the country have access to Leta Austin Foster’s quality interiors.

For over 40 years, Leta Austin Foster has committed herself to designing elegant, charming interiors and is now spreading the gift of a beautiful room and home to a wider audience. With PREtty FABulous Rooms, people all over the country have access to Leta’s creative talent, quality, American-made furniture, and beautiful fabrics from leading companies such as – Sister Parish Design, Quadrille Fabrics, including Alan Campbell and China Seas.

An added value of the PREtty FABulous Rooms concept is that while each room is completed by Leta’s team in Palm Beach with custom furniture, the cost is reflective of the team’s relationships and buying power. Rooms which would be almost triple in retail value are provided at a substantially lower total cost, which results in an added investment value for clients.

With limited availability of each room, designs quickly cycle out, and clients have a fabulous room that is produced within budget, yet is also unique and luxurious.

All rooms come with a pre-arranged set of staples, and while nothing can be deleted, almost anything can be added. The designs are intended to be timeless yet fresh, so they can be mixed with cherished antiques, vintage finds, or modern pieces that express the client’s personal style.

Our designs are meant to inspire and celebrate furniture, art, and décor pieces that are already well-loved by our clients. Our team is happy to work with you to add accessories, if desired.

How It Works

Upon inquiry, you will provide a rough sketch of your space with dimensions. Our team will provide a floor plan and advise on a paint plan as well as on any needed additions, such as blinds or another sofa. We ask that you clear your space prior to installation, providing an empty room. All furniture will be delivered via truck with white glove service.

Made in the USA

PREtty FABulous Rooms is proud to share that all of our workrooms are located in the USA and almost all furniture is made and manufactured in the USA. A very few items are produced abroad, then finished and customized in the USA.